Current Status

In the Partnerships Renewal Initiative Project, several tasks have been occurring concurrently throughout the process. The original goal was to have a similar timeline for all the Modules. However, the development, piloting and revisions of each module have resulted in a staggered timeline for completion.

The following diagram depicts the projected phases and timeline for the Partenships Project (below):

Phase 1 2 3 4 5 6
Target Dates Sep 2006 Dec 2006
Sep 2007
Sep 2007
Dec 2007
Apr 2008
Dec 2008
Milestone Training Plan and Delivery Model Revisions and Resources Training Adult ED trainers & Pilot Facilitators Pilot Community Sessions Post Pilot Revisions & Future roll out plans Future roll out for administration & coordination of community sessions for completed Modules
Additional Details Create Website and Coordinate project communication Train Facilitators (2011)

The following steps outline the current status of the various modules and tasks:

  1. Pilot Phase
    • Inclusion, Behaviour, Communication & OT/PT Modules completed
    • Family centred practice Module – Spring 2011
  2. Post Pilot Revisions
    • Behaviour, Communication, Inclusion & OT/PT Module revisions completed
    • Family Centred Practice Module after pilot – Spring/Summer 2011
  3. Annual Administration and Roll Out Phase
    • Behaviour, Communication, Inclusion, OT/PT and FASD Modules Modules completed and ready for community training
  4. Completion of the website ( current)
  5. Final graphic version of training materials: The Steering committee is determining the final look and format of the Modules (2001)

The Partnerships Project is currently transitioning from the Renewal Initiative Phase to annual administration and roll out.

  • The Host Agency sponsoring the Partnerships Project is the B.C. Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres. BCAAFC along with the direction of the Partnerships Project Steering Committee, will oversee the annual administration and coordination of the Project activities.
  • The Partnerships Project Steering Committee will determine the next steps for future roll out and how funds will be allocated for community training sessions. They are formalizing the administration and coordination of the training materials, as well as the funds available for future facilitator training.
  • When decisions about the roll out process and the funding support that will be available to communities to offer training sessions are made, Facilitators and agencies will be informed about the process.

The Partnerships Project Training Modules are a community based training delivery model for practitioners and parents in communities who serve children birth to six with special needs and their families.