General Information About the Training Modules

All general information about our Project and other related links are open to public viewing. Training registration, downloading training materials, and the Discussion Board are private for facilitators and training participants and require a password. When a training session is offered, the Coordinator provides the password to the facilitator.

  • Two qualified Trained Facilitators from the Partenships Project Provincial Registry are required to deliver the training in communities.
  • The recommended number of participants for a community training session is a maximum of 25
  • Each of the training modules runs between 13-18 hours. They are developed to offer communities flexibility in delivery of the workshop. Sessions can be offered weekly in evenings, on weekends or as a full weekend workshop.
  • The Training Modules are housed on, and downloaded from this website. Modules are accessed and downloaded by trained facilitators with a password from the Coordinator.
  • A Discussion Board has been created for each training Module to encourage dialogue amongst participants and Facilitators to discuss issues and ask questions as follow-up to the training.
  • Training sessions in your community can be arranged by contacting the Coordinator for further information. See the Contact page for more information.

Questions About Training

How Can a Community Host a Training Session?

If you wish to host any of the training modules the following criteria applies:

  • To ensure the integrity of the training modules, all community training sessions must be delivered by Trained Facilitators on the Partnerships Project Provincial Registry
  • If your community is interested in offering a training session in a particular Module and you do not know if you have a trained Facilitator in your community, contact the coordinator to locate a trained facilitator, in or near your community.
  • The coordinator will:
    • Provide facilitators with the necessary information and materials to set up the training
    • Send the Facilitators the resources for the module
    • Provide facilitators or participants with a time-limited password, to download the Modules from the website
    • Provide a time – limited password to create a user account for Participants who wish to use the Discussion Board.

How Do I Access Community Training?

  • If you wish to attend a training session for a particular training module, contact the coordinator who will assist you to organize or find a training session in your area.
  • Go to the Contact Us page for contact information.

What is a trained Facilitator required to do to Offer the Training?

Facilitators are required to do the following:

  • If you want to arrange training in your community and you require training materials or a resource KIT, contact the Coordinator to set up the training dates to ensure resources are available.
    • Contact the coordinator a minimum of 6 weeks prior to your date if you require training kits for your training.
    • If you do not have the Participant Manuals for your training, contact the coordinator, who will supply you with the manuals or a time-limited password to download the manual from the website.
    • Upon registration and receipt of a password, go to the download page to access the Module. From there, follow instructions to create a personal user account, if you do not already have one.
    • If you wish participants to use the Discussion Board following a training session, provide them with the time-limited password required to access the Discussion Board. Participants need to create a user account. (See Discussion Board page for information)
    • Arrange the host agency and location for the training in your community
    • Advertise and Register the training participants
    • Arrange for the necessary set up and organization for the training, such as equipment, refreshments, and printing of the manuals.
    • On completion of the training session, facilitators are required to submit a summary to the Coordinator on the Partnerships Project Community Training Sessions sheet. The sheet is available from the Coordinator
    • The coordinator will:
    • Provide the necessary information and materials to offer the training
    • Send the Facilitators the resources for the module
    • Provide facilitators or participants with a time-limited password, to download the Modules from the website
      • Provide a time-limited password to Facilitators to create a user account for Discussion boards and for Participants who wish to use the Discussion Board following a training session. (See Discussion Board page for information)

What are the Steps to Become a Facilitator?

  • Service providers interested in becoming a Facilitator of a training module need to submit an application form, which is available from the Coordinator.
  • In order to become a Facilitator, criteria regarding years of experience, skills, and knowledge in the content area must be fulfilled
  • The Steering Committee approves the applications and applicants are informed about upcoming training
  • All Facilitators are required to attend an Instructional Principles Workshop that supports facilitation techniques and strategies. Exceptions are made to individuals with specific training in Instructional Skills
    • Facilitator training will be held based on identified need and/or on a regular basis annually or bi-annually.

The Partnerships Project Training Modules are a community based training delivery model for practitioners and parents in communities who serve children birth to six with special needs and their families.