Partnerships: Promoting Function And Participation In The Early Years

This Partnerships Training Module is an 18 hour course for ECD service providers including IDP, AIDP, SCD and ASCD staff, child care providers, parents, family resource programs, preschool and staff in community settings that provide services for children from birth to six. This training module presents six sessions of 3 hours each. It discusses ways in which Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists work with families and early childhood educators to support the capacity of the childcare community to successfully maximize the function and participation of children with a variety of participation challenges in their programs.” Sessions 1 – 6 are described below:

Session 1 – Towards Full Participation

This session introduces the importance of “Partnerships” and team collaboration when working with children with support needs. An overview of development is presented. Participants will be able to successfully identify RED FLAGS which require further referrals and service by medical practitioners, OT’s and PT’s, using the International Classification of Function (ICF)Session 2 – PlaytimeThis session focuses on facilitating participation in fine-motor play activities within the child care environment for children experiencing challenges, and discuss’ strategies for successful participation through the provision of adaptations, and equipment.

Session 3 – Circle time

This session addresses facilitating engagement during circle time activities for children who may have difficulty participating, and discuss strategies for success.

Session 4 – Doing it Themselves

This session addresses the common challenges children experience during Self Care activities (Mealtimes/Toileting and Dressing), and address strategies to encourage independence and successful participation within the childcare routines.

Session 5 – Moving and Grooving

This session focuses on facilitating participation in indoor and outdoor movement play for children with motor challenges and discuss strategies for successful participation through the provision of physical assistance, equipment and adaptations.

Session 6 – Putting it into Practice

This session draws together and builds upon the skills of observational analysis participants have practised and will focus on the process of planning and implementing activities in the childcare setting that facilitate team goals.

The Partnerships Project Training Modules are a community based training delivery model for practitioners and parents in communities who serve children birth to six with special needs and their families.